Wonder Wheel History          

Built in 1920 by the Eccentric Ferris Wheel Company using 100% Bethlehem Steel forged right on the premises. The 18 co-owners worked as construction men to insure quality throughout the building process. The Wonder Wheel has maintained a perfect safety record for its entire history.

Each year, the entire 400,000 lb. ride is overhauled and painted to protect it from the elements of weather, wear and tear.

Deno's WONDER WHEEL was named an OFFICIAL NYC LANDMARK in 1989.

A full-size replica of the Wheel stands in Disney's California Adventure, and Yokahama, Japan. The only stoppage in the history of the WONDER WHEEL was on July 13, 1977 during the Great NYC Blackout - when the entire northeast lost electrical power. Riders on the WONDER WHEEL were brought down safely because the owners hand cranked the wheel.

The wheel itself stands 150 feet high, has a diameter of 140 feet and holds 144 people at once. 

Wonder Wheel

Deno's WONDER WHEEL, stands 150 feet tall as the centerpiece of the ever-thriving Coney Island Amusement area. Located on the Boardwalk, this amazing attraction includes 16 swinging passenger cars and 8 stationary cars that give riders a panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean, the Jersey Shore & the NYC Skyline. This year, over 200,000 people of all ages will ride the Wonder Wheel.

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