On the boardwalk

at Denos D. Vourderis Place
(West 12th Street)


  • Kiddie park
  • Samba
  • Fire Engines
  • Pony Carts
  • Jets
  • Dizzy Dragons
  • Boats
  • Carousel
  • Jumping Motorcycles
  • Mini Pirate Ships
  • Big Trucks
  • Rio Grande Train
  • Sea Serpent Roller Coaster
  • Tilt a Whirl
  • Twist and Shout
  • Speedway
  • Jump Around


A place for fun and family We've got every kind of ride


The kiddie park has 16 rides to choose from, ride one or ride them all. Your choice. Admission to the park is Free. Simply buy one ticket per person per ride you choose.

Samba, Tilt-A-Whirl, Carousel, Sea Serpent Roller Coaster and Rio Grande Train are family rides that adults and children can ride together.


Single Ticket
10 Packs
20 Packs



Fly high!

Overlooking the beach and Boardwalk and Best balloons in Coney Island

Height Requirement : Samba is 36" unless accompanied with a responsible person

Fire Engines


Save the day!

The origional junior version for New York's junior bravest to feel what it's like to ride with the pride.

Height Requirement : None

Pony carts


Who needs horses?

These ponies takes you for a nice ride, in a circle of course. And you cant get lost this way.

Height Requirement : None



Soar to new heights on this one.

No flight simulator training required.

Height Requirement : 36"

Dizzy Dragons


The whirling Dizzy Dragons will surely make mom and dad scream for more. Take them on with you and spin them around and around until they say UNCLE!

Height Requirement : 36" unless accompanied by a responsible attending person.



Come Sail Away!

What better place than Coney Island for a nice boat ride.

Height Requirement : None



Who can resist a ride on a classic?

Pick your favorite horse and enjoy the old fashioned fun. Take mom and dad on and see who gets to the finish line first.

Height Requirement : Carousel is 42" to ride alone unless accompanied

Jumping Motorcycles


Feel the speed..

Not even the X Games or Evil Kneivel can jump higher.

Height Requirement : 36"

Mini Pirate Ship


Well shiver me timbers...

The little ones will have a whale of a time as they take over the high seas.

Height Requirement : Pirate Ship 36" minimum and 55" maximum to ride

Big Trucks


Drive your own MONSTER truck

Around our never ending track, of course. Watch that guy in front of you, he's too close. Big Wheels means big FUN.

Height Requirement : Big Foot 36" minimum and 55" maximum to ride

Rio Grande Train


No MetroCard needed for this train

Just tickets. This open air train gives a great view of the towering Wonder Wheel right above. Looks real tall from this angle.

Height Requirement : Rio Grande Train is 30" to ride alone unless accompanied

Sea Serpent Roller Coaster


in Coney Island!

Climbing twisting, speeding down the track..

Don't forget to smile and ǣSay Cheeseǥ. Mom and Dad like this ride better than some of the kids. Ride it 3-3-4 times, it gets better every time. Grandma and Grandpa will love the pictures and souvenirs..

Height Requirement : Sea Serpent is 38" to ride alone and 36" to ride accompanied with a responsible person.

Tilt a Whirl


A family classic for everyone to enjoy.

Bring the whole family Just make sure you eat AFTER you experience this ride. No air sickness bags provided.

Height Requirement : Tilt a whirl is 46" to ride alone and 36" to ride accompanied with a responsible person

Twist and Shout


Shake it up, Baby! Amazing Twist 'n' Shout Drop Tower turns and drops you at the same time!

Mom and Dad will enjoy riding thiis as much as the kids.

Height Requirement: 36" Twist and Shout 42" to ride alone and 36" to ride accompanied with a responsible person.



Exciting NASCAR themed remake of the classic Whip Ride. Parents and kids can drive together!

Height Requirement: 36" unless accompanied by a responsible attending person.

Jump Around


The beach buggy fun ride for off road action!

The whole family will enjoy riding together round our towering sand castle.

Height Requirement: 36" unless accompanied by a responsible attending person.


The front ticket booth is located right at our main Boardwalk entrance next to Famiglia Pizza.

The second ticket booth is located next to the big truck ride in the rear of the kiddie park.