Wonder Wheel Kid & Adult Rides        

wonder wheelKiddie Park Rides: a place for fun and family – we’ve got every kind of ride

Tickets for all kiddie rides can be purchased at your choice of 2 ticket booths. The front ticket booth is located right at our main Boardwalk entrance next to Famiglia Pizza. The rear ticket booth is located next to the Big Foot trucks at the back of the kiddie park.

The kiddie park has 17 rides to choose from, ride one or ride them all. Your choice. Admission to the park is Free. Simply buy one ticket per person per ride you choose. Tickets are 3.00 each. You can save money by purchasing the 10 pack of ride tickets. Or save even MORE by purchasing our
SPECIAL: 20 kiddie rides for $40.00!

It is good all year so you get the best value because 10 tickets are only $25. The ten ride tickets is good all year for any 10 rides. A hole is punched for each ride for each person.

Teen and Adult Rides Come feel the thrills

Located down the ramp in the center of the kiddie park is the entrance ramp to the adult ride section of Deno's. There are 2 ticket booths for these rides. One booth is under the Wonder Wheel next to the Spook a Rama. The second one is at the Bowery St. entrance next to the Super Shot ride  Tickets prices for the adult rides range from $5.00 to $6.00, depending on the ride. There are 5 adult sized rides at Deno's including the world-famous NYC Landmark Wonder Wheel Some kids meeting the height requirements will also be able to ride these rides.  The Wonder Wheel and Spook A Rama have NO height requirement.

Buy a 5 pack of ride tickets for only 25.00, 5-Packs are valid all year and good for any five rides. One ticket per person,per ride.

Please note: Tickets purchased from the kiddie park are for the kiddie rides and are not accepted on the adult rides (and vice versa).

Kid Rides
Mini Enterprise
Willie the Whale
Fire Engines
Pony Carts
Free Fall
Dizzy Dragons
Flying Elephants
Jumping Motorcycles
Pirate's Pond
Red Baron Airplanes
Big Trucks
Rio Grande Train
Sea Serpent Roller Coaster
Tilt a Whirl
Adult Rides
The Wonder Wheel
The Spook-A-Rama
Bumper Cars
Super Shot